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Middle & High School Summer Camps

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Who We Are

Vitae, which means "life" in Latin, is Michigan's only skills-based developmental program helmed by coaches who are also current professional beach and indoor volleyball athletes. 


Our goals are simple:  Build community through mutual love of the game, encourage personal growth & inspire athletes of all ages to live with integrity while pursuing their dreams.

Our coaching staff understands that although the athletic aspect of our sport is crucial, volleyball also teaches valuable skills such as teamwork, respect, discipline, & the importance of hard work.  In a positive environment, self-esteem flourishes, which empowers us to live without fear and gives us the freedom to cultivate healthy relationships with others.  We believe that volleyball is a catalyst for personal development and provides tools for living a happy, healthy & productive life.

Vitae Volleyball Coach Megan Vander Meer
Pofessional AVP Beach Volleyball

Rooted in Love

Growing the Game

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